The 5 Types of Hikers You Meet on the Trails

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The 5 Types of Hikers You Meet on the Trails

Hikers are some of the most interesting people in the world. We’re not just saying that because we’re hikers, okay maybe we are, but even so, we’ve been able to meet and interact with all kinds of people on the trails. Here are some of the people we’ve met along the way and we may have a little bit of each in us all.

1. The Healthy Hiker

They started hiking to lose weight or as their regular exercise and realized not only does it make them physically fit, but also helps mentally and emotionally. They’ve noticed that their clothes have started shrinking, and they’re able to fit into things they haven’t been able to in years. They start to eat healthier because they don’t want to eat fast food after burning those calories after all those miles. The Healthy Hiker feels and looks younger every day and can’t believe the changes that have been happening to their body from hiking. They look forward to hiking for many years to come.

Types of Hiker: Social Hiker

2. The Social Hiker

They love to hike with a group because hiking is their social life. They love to check their Facebook calendar to see what hiking events are coming up, as well as who’s coming to the hike. They bring extra snacks in their pack to share, because they are good people. To the Social Hiker, it’s not just about hiking but also enjoying the interactive experience with other hikers and sharing the joy of being outdoors.

Types of Hikers: Summit Hiker

3. The Summit Hiker

It’s all about reaching the top for this hiker and they pretty much measure the success of a hike in their ability to bag a peak. This hiker tends to rush ahead of the pack and might enjoy doing solo hikes more so that they don’t have to be part of the group. The Summit Hiker’s ego sometimes gets the better of them and gets temperamental when they have to turn back due to weather. They like to keep their eye on the prize and take gorgeous summit photos with the signs and markers.

4. The Shopaholic Hiker

Ever since they started buying gear, it has become an addiction. They love to match their hiking outfits to their packs, even coordinating socks and jackets. The Shopaholic Hiker can’t wait for the next sale at REI, has emails coming daily from The Clymb, Patagonia, LL Bean and always looking for the next best upgrade. There’s no shame in having the best, lightest gear when you’re on the trail as you usually get what you pay for.

Types of Hikers: Photo Hiker

5. The Photo Hiker

They want to make sure their memories are safely stored in their camera (and on Facebook), and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! The Photo Hiker is always running a little behind because they’re taking in the scenery and making sure to get photos of it all. They want tons of selfies, pictures with all the signs, group photos, and action shots. They often come to the hike with a GoPro and selfie stick, full DSLR-equipped, and even a tripod and remote control. With all the beautiful sights to see on hikes, it’s no wonder that the Photo Hiker always has the best photos to post on Facebook and Instagram after a hike.

There are many more types of hikers out there and this is just a look at some of the ones we’ve encountered most often. Luke is definitely a 1/2/3 and Gwen is more of a 3/4/5. What type of hiker are you?


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  • sandy . March 31, 2018 . Reply

    You missed maybe the most important type of hiker – the one who does it for the love of it. The joy of it. The way it feeds their heart. The way it makes their soul smile. The feeling of bliss that saturates your being.

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