Hiking and Walking: What’s the difference?

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The difference between hiking and walking

Some people think that hiking and walking are the same thing. When we were on the Inca Trail in Peru, we noticed that they use the word “to walk” in Spanish (“caminar”) when they were talking about hiking. Now we all know that all forms of physical activity is beneficial, including walking, but I find that hiking is so much more!

First, when you’re hiking there’s usually different types of terrain involved. Whether it’s a steep uphill, crossing a river or even some scrambling, I find that hiking can surprise (and delight) you with some adventurous paths!

Hiking and Walking

Also, depending on the type of hiking you do, elevation becomes a factor. This doesn’t usually happen unless you’re usual walk involves going up a thousand feet or so in the mountains. When you’re hiking in higher elevations, there is so much more to consider!

Lastly, hiking sometimes involves you going plenty of miles into the wilderness and you will have to think of certain things such as nutrition, hydration, and what you have to carry in your backpack. One must always be prepared and carry the essentials with them (more on that later).

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  • Robert L. Fish . February 11, 2016 . Reply

    I totally agree with the “hike with a group” mantra…It makes a world of difference when you exchange energy, ideas and have the opportunity to be the naturalist.

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