8 Ways to Inspire and Motivate Yourself to Go Hiking

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Get Inspired and Motivated! 

We get it! Sometime’s it’s hard to inspire and motivate yourself to go hiking. It’s tempting to want to do nothing on the weekend or just relax after a long day’s work. We’re here to help with a list that we hope makes it easier for you to get outdoors and give your body the awesome hike it deserves. Here are 8 ways to inspire and motivate yourself to go hiking:

Hiking Healthy: Hiking Motivation

1. Plan your hiking schedule

Planning is the key to effective time management and if you don’t plan your hikes ahead of time, it’s likely that are you’re always going to put it off. We suggest planning your hikes ahead of time and if you only get to do big hikes on the weekends like we do, we put it on the calendar and look forward to them throughout the work week. Also, if you know of hiking groups going on a hike, put the event on your calendar so that you can get reminders beforehand.

2. Prep the night before

We always prepare our hiking clothes and gear at least the night before because most of the time we leave around 4am. At that time, you might still be sleepy and wanting to go back to bed. If you’re stuff is all laid out ahead of time, it will be easier for you to get ready and head out the door before you change your mind and miss out on that epic hike.

Hiking Healthy: Hiking Motivation

3. Join a hiking challenge

It’s usually easier for people to get motivated when they have a goal in mind. The 52 Hike Challenge was created by Karla Amador and Philip Stinis “to inspire and encourage individuals to step outside their comfort zone in order to achieve the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that come from getting outdoors.” The concept is to hike at least once a week or 52 times a year.

You can sign up for the challenge on their site as well as read their guide with useful tips, or challenge yourself even more by participating in the Adventure Series.

Karla and Phillip regularly host hikes and events in the LA area as well as throughout the US. From February 19-21, they will be partnering with the National Park Service and Sawyer Products to host hikes and meet challengers at Tonto National MonumentChiricahua National Monument and Organ Pipe Cactus National Monuments. Click on the links to RSVP.

4. Go with a group

Although solo hikes are fun, it might be hard to get yourself motivated to go hiking if you’re hitting the trails alone. Get a group of friends together or join an existing hiking group. When you’re hiking with a group, you feel as if you’re on a team and everyone’s positive energy makes it fun and encouraging. Check out Meetup or Facebook for some local hiking groups in your area.

5. Do some research and get excited

You’ve seen pictures of amazing hikes on Facebook and Instagram! Do some research and pick trails that you’ve always wanted to do. If you’re in the Southern California area, check out SoCal Hiker or Modern Hiker. For other areas, check out All Trails.

6. Reward yourself

This is a scientifically-proven way to motivate yourself in any situation. In the hiking world, we suggest packing an excellent snack in your pack to enjoy at the summit or celebrating afterwards with a delicious, yet healthy meal. If you want to motivate yourself to complete a hiking challenge or a big goal, you can reward yourself by getting new hiking boots or gear that you can use on future hikes.

Hiking Healthy: Hiking Motivation

7. Take amazing photos

Usually when you’re hiking, you’ll get to experience some amazing views. Take photos during your hikes and put them in places you can see on a daily basis – by your desk at work, on your refrigerator and even as the screensaver on your phone. It’ll remind you where you were when you took that photo and what you have to do to go back there – hike!

8. Write in a journal after every hike

After you hike, you’re usually in a state of happiness. You can document this feeling by writing in a journal after every hike so that you can go back and remind yourself how you felt. Chances are, you’ll want to relive that feeling again and convince yourself that it’s time to get hiking!

We hope that this lists helps get you inspired and motivated to go hiking. Share your photos with us on Instagram or Twitter using hashtag #HikingHealthy and follow us for a daily dose of motivation!


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